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Hello all and welcome to my website. This page is titled "About," so that's what I'm going to give you. I live in Murfreesboro, TN with my wife and 3 daughters. I'm married to an incredible woman named Shane. She is the CFO of the Primary Care & Hope Clinic in Murfreesboro. I have three beautiful daughters, Brooke, McKenna and Kaylee, all of which attend public schools in Murfreesboro. 

I help support my family by teaching others the wonderful gift of art and, working as a funeral director at Murfreesboro Funeral Home. Besides having a Mortuary Science degree, I also have  B.A. degree in Management & Human Resources from Trevecca Nazarene University. 

I'm relatively new to the painting world. In fact, I say I had my own personal "Big Bang"  December 7, 2012.  God said it and "Bang" it happened. My wife had been encouraging me to try to paint for months but I kept declining. It didn't make sense for me to try something I knew in my heart i'd fail at miserably. One day while my wife and kids were out of the house, I decided I'd try my hand at painting. My wife and girls returned home after a couple hours and to their amazement, including my own, I had completed a landscape scene. After staring in amazement for an hour or so I painted another picture. The second one was better than the first. 

It took about a month before I was comfortable calling myself an artist. I've fully embraced the title now and am very proud of it.

Accompanying the excitement of the newfound talent was the anxiety of a real dilemma I faced...signing my name to the paintings. John Smith doesn't exactly sound nor look artistic. In fact, you probably just laughed a bit when you read this. 

While looking at my paintings you'll notice that I always sign in crimson red and form a Christian cross with the top of the J and the t. I'm a Christ follower and know beyond the shadow of a doubt The Lord gave me the talent to paint. It literally happened over night! I told The Lord I'd share this testimony with everyone as my way of thanking Him for the talent and encouraging others to seek him in all things, to include the possibility of hidden talents. God's word speaks about using average people to do incredible things. While you may not consider my talent to be incredible, it certainly is to me and i'm eternally grateful for it. 

I've made some wonderful friends in the short time i've been painting. Each one of them  has impacted me and influenced my style. It truly is an awesome outlet to express myself both artistically and spiritually. It's my sincere desire that all hear about Christ, accept Him as their Savior, and lead others to do the same. 

God bless all who've read this short "About" page.

John H. Smith II